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La mer est VERTETM

The sea is GREENTM

Welcome to a SuperStainableTM ferry service, setting incredible new standards for environmentally-friendly travel.
And welcome to a ground-breaking NetMinusTM company operating with a plus on its green account.

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Girl by the Sea

Voyager en pleine conscience

Travel mindfully

The world is changing, and it's time to adapt.
Be part of this green revolution and help us make
your travel on the blue sea a green experience. 
Join us and be an Eco Pioneer while enjoying your voyage.

Changer le visage d'une industrie

Changing the face of an industry

BioFerries is changing the face of the ferry industry.
Not just by being eco pioneering (easy to be in a very dirty industry) but by being extremely eco pioneering.
This is about turning Green/Clean Tech into an artform.
We believe that Boulogne-sur-Mer is the ideal place for this type of pioneering car ferry service.

French Flags

Allez, faisons-le

Come on, let's do it

"The Ferry Industry owes the world
serious Clean Tech solutions.
France owes Boulogne-sur-Mer 
a ferry service."

Curt Stavis
Founding Partner / BioFerries

Plus d'information

Further information

Please go to the top menu to read more about BioFerries or to contact us,
or have a look at the bottom of this page for legal company information. 

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